Learn Darija

Learn Moroccan Arabic
تعلموا العربية المغربية

Click the buttons below to learn some phrases in Moroccan Arabic (called Darija) and to practice your pronunciation. Each section begins with a brief dialogue using key expressions. Next, you have the opportunity to practice the expressions with interactive flashcards. Finally, you can play some games to reinforce what you have learned. After studying and practicing this new vocabulary, you will be ready for your arrival in Rabat!


Learn basic pronunciation of letters in Darija to jump start your learning before you arrive.
Learn basic greetings, salutations and introductory expressions in Darija that you can use as soon as you arrive in Rabat.
Learn some numbers and expressions of time that will help you get around and ask questions when you arrive in Morocco.
When it’s time to buy something in Rabat, these expressions will help you talk about money, prices, and will teach you to bargain.
Your host family will use Darija to communicate with you and will appreciate your knowledge of these common expressions to use at home.
When you need to collect mail or ship something home, you’ll be ready with this basic post office vocabulary in Darija.
It’s important to know how to ask for directions when you are making your way around Rabat. These expressions will help you navigate the transportation system in your city.
When you’re hungry, you’ll appreciate having these restaurant expressions in Darija so that you can order the food you need.