Getting to Rabat
الاتجاهات نحو الرباط


From Casablanca Airport

Students who fly into Casablanca Airport should take the train to Rabat. The trains from Casablanca go to two train stations, called Rabat-Ville and Agdal. All trains from Casablanca Airport go first to the Casa Port train station, where you will change trains to go to Rabat.

Casablanca Airport – Rabat Train Schedule

Click to access map from Casablanca Airport to Rabat-Ville train station


From Sale-Rabat Airport

Students flying into the Sale-Rabat Airport should take a grand taxi to their destination in Rabat. Taxis are stationed in front of the airport on the left. The cost will range from 300 to 350 MAD, and you can bargain to lower the price if you wish.

Map of Sale Rabat Airport